Whether your project requires one piece, or an entire collection, I am always delighted to have my clients trust me with their vision in order to develop the custom piece of artwork that they desire. I gladly do commissions and/or installations based on the specific needs of your space and budget, and I will also work with your designer, architect, or art consultant.

Completion Time:  Commissions usually take between 6-16 weeks according to the size, complexity of design, and current workload. The final selling price may be increased for rush deliveries.  An exact “completion date” will be determined once all parties agree on the size, overall design, a deposit has been secured, and materials have been delivered (if applicable.)  Please be advised that after you are shown a completed photo, and you agree that the piece is finished, there will be a 2 day waiting time for the piece to be professionally photographed, and had time to completely cure/dry before it can be packaged and shipped. And up to an additional 3-5 days if the piece is very large and needs to be picked up, professionally boxed/crated, and then freight shipped.  So when I give you the “completion date,” please realize that this is NOT the delivery or install date. The “completion date” is that date that I email you a photo and announce “Ta-Da!  My masterpiece is finished! What do you think?”

I will be able to give you a rough estimated “delivery date” but that date is contingent upon good communication, and if any revisions need to be made. If you are working with a specific deadline, please let me know prior to beginning the project, and I will make every effort to accommodate your needs.

Deposit:  I require 50% upon beginning the project, to secure your spot on my commission calendar.  The remaining balance is due before delivery of the piece.

Alterations:  Toward the end of the painting I can show you progress photos, to ensure we are both on the same page. Around the completion date I will then provide you with a finished photo of the work, which you will need to sign off on.  I allow up to two revisions to what I consider the “final painting” before shipment or delivery. So at this point you need to make sure you are very clear of your expectations. If you think the painting still needs adjusting, alterations will be $100/hour.

Cancellation:  I will make every effort to create artwork that is pleasing to the client. However, in the event that you are not satisfied with the final product, then you are under no obligation to buy the piece.  You will be refunded your deposit, minus a 25% commission fee (that is 25% of the total price).

Agreement:  In order to make a unique and custom piece, I hope for excellent communication.  I have a standard  “Art Commission Agreement” that I require the client to agree to in order to spell out the specific details of the project, contact information, right of refusal, copyright, payment schedule, balance, shipping, delivery, etc.  I keep all this information on a clipboard in my studio and refer to this agreement as I work, so I do not get confused on the details.  If you have any fabric swatches, photos, or pant samples I need to be aware of, please give them to me as soon as possible.  This written agreement protects both my interests and the client, certifying that both parties understand what is expected of each other. It is not supposed to scare you.  I can be a flake and this helps me stay focused and organized.

Process:  When I work on a painting, I carefully consider color schemes and mood.  All my work is original, not mass-produced, and no two paintings are alike.  While I prefer not to copy my past work, I can attempt to use a specific palette you are looking for, and aim for the same spirit of past work you admire. If you want to send me fabric or paint samples, I will happily work with those as well.  I love working with specific colors I can match at the paint store, or Pantone colors.  If you are drawn to some of my past work, please let me know which ones and why (specific elements, colors, pattern, brush strokes, drips, energy, etc.)  I also like to see photos of the room that your painting will go in (and even adjacent rooms), so I can visualize the final destination as I am painting.

Here are some questions to think about:  Describe the space this painting will be placed in. What about the adjacent rooms?  What is the overall feeling of the room you will be hanging this art?  Clean, cozy, crisp, minimal, lazy, cheerful, thought provoking, inviting, warm, relaxing, playful, eclectic, minimal, energized?   Do you prefer warm undertones or cool undertones?  Are there any colors that you find offensive or depressing?  Please be very specific, the more information I have from you, the better!

Communication:  I will make every effort to respond to communication in a timely manner, outline my expectations, and honor the intentions of the agreement.  More often than not, I am working with strict instillation dates and want to adhere to those deadlines.  In order to do so, I will need full cooperation of all parties involved.

Price: My work is priced using a formula which factors in the dimensions of the work, the availability and costliness of materials to be used, and the labor intensity of the techniques /processes that will be explored in creating the work.  2018 Commission Prices (subject to change):
24×24-$1400 24×30-$1800 24×36-$2000 30×30-$2200
24×48-$2400 30×40-$2600 36×36-$2900 30×48-$3400
40×40-$3900 36×48-$4200 40×50-$4400 48×48-$4600
36×60-$4800 36×72-$5800 48×60-$5400 48×72-$7000
60×60-$7500 60×72-$8800

At this time, I am not accepting commissions for work under 24×24 – unless they consist of multiple components. If you would like to commission diptych or triptych incorporating several smaller components, please inquire about the price.

All price quotes are good for up to 4 months. During that time, if my overall prices have increased, I will still honor the price I quoted you previously.

Custom Size:  If you would like a special (non-standard) size, I am more than happy to accommodate your request.  If your size was not mentioned above, it is most likely considered a “non-standard size” and will need to be custom built.  I normally charge $300-$400/square foot for custom built canvas depending on the size of your project, the special materials that will need to be ordered, and any labor or handling costs associated with the size. Please contact me for a price quote and completion time.  Please note, it can take up to an additional 2 weeks longer to accommodate the construction of a custom frame (ordering materials, labor, etc.)  If you decide not to purchase the custom size commission, the deposit will be refunded, less the 25% commission fee.

Shipping:  The client or project manager is responsible for all shipping costs associated with the safe delivery of the piece (including handling, materials, and insurance.)  This can range anywhere from $50-$850 depending on the size and if it needs to freight shipped or not.  I can provide you with an approximate ground shipping quote before we begin the project. For pieces 36×48 and under I ship UPS ground.  This includes tracking & insurance.  For larger work I use a freight shipping company.  They will pick up and professionally crate up the art.  This service can take an additional 3-5 days, and depending on your location can take 3-8 days for you to receive.


3 responses to “Commissions

  1. Patricia Hughes

    Good morning,
    I’m interested in a 36×36 or 36×48 commission piece to complement one of your works I purchased a couple of years ago titled ‘Carwash Vertigo’. When I saw Carwash Vertigo in a small gallery in New Orleans I immediately purchased it. I saw on canvas exactly how I was feeling at that moment in my life, which was beautiful and a bit disturbing at the same time considering that I was a hot mess. I would like a piece to hang with it as a pair that is colorful, beautiful, and speaks to a path of growth and understanding and self love. I’m in no hurry for this piece, I just want to get on your schedule.
    Thank you,
    Patricia Hughes

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