The Gallery is OPEN! (or it will be) Finally!

Celebrate Spring! Gallery Novus will be open to the public for the first time this Friday & Saturday, (April 14th & 15th) from 2PM – 7PM. Please pop in and say hello if you are on Amelia Island this weekend. We are featuring new works by Gina Cochran & Casey Matthews ….. 813 South 8th Street, Amelia Island, Florida …..

Casey Promo

This has been a labor of love, but my new gallery has become a reality.  I can nit-pick over many unfinished details and never get there or I can just go for it and open up. (the city finally came and approved me). So I realize it is Easter Weekend and nobody will be in town, but I will be working, painting, and changing lightbulbs anyway – why not stay open a little later? We are located at 813 South 8th Street, Fernandina Beach, FL. and normally open by appointment, and during the Second Saturday. 904.606.4388.


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