The Gallery is OPEN! (or it will be) Finally!

Celebrate Spring! Gallery Novus will be open to the public for the first time this Friday & Saturday, (April 14th & 15th) from 2PM – 7PM. Please pop in and say hello if you are on Amelia Island this weekend. We are featuring new works by Gina Cochran & Casey Matthews ….. 813 South 8th Street, Amelia Island, Florida …..

Casey Promo

This has been a labor of love, but my new gallery has become a reality.  I can nit-pick over many unfinished details and never get there or I can just go for it and open up. (the city finally came and approved me). So I realize it is Easter Weekend and nobody will be in town, but I will be working, painting, and changing lightbulbs anyway – why not stay open a little later? We are located at 813 South 8th Street, Fernandina Beach, FL; and normally open by appointment, and during the Second Saturday. 904.606.4388.



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2 responses to “The Gallery is OPEN! (or it will be) Finally!

  1. Keep trying to figure out just where your gallery is but haven’t been able to spot it when driving in.

    • Hi Sandra –
      We are located at 813 South 8th Street (at Hickory) in the Pelican Palms Shopping Center – between Redbones Dog Bakery and Current Running. We are still waiting for our signage to be completed, however there are always large colorful paintings in the windows – you can’t miss it. While Casey works every day, we are not a traditional retail business; are open by appointment or chance – and during the art walks. For more information please call 904.606.4388 or 904.556.1119.


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