Save the Ta-tas and Featured Artist for October

This upcoming weekend I am the featured artist at the Blue Door Art Studios (October 10th).  We are open late every Second Saturday of the Month, 5-8PM.  I will be celebrating 13 years in my studio!

Also, if you have not heard – it is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and I will be  raffling off my favorite pink painting!  My wonderful friend, Kerry Itami, was diagnosed with breast cancer a few months ago, so this cause is especially dear to my heart.  Proceeds of the raffle will go toward breast cancer awareness in Kerry’s honor and help fund mammograms for women in need. Tickets/entries are only $1 each!

Casey Matthews

Casey Matthews “Bottle Brush” (40×30)

I have been a painting fool this year and in the past few week I have shipped or delivered new work to Stellers Gallery in Ponte Vedra Beach, FL, Shain Gallery in Charlotte, NC, Addison Gallery in Delray Beach, FL, and Gallery Orange in New Orleans, LA.  Here are a few of my favorite paintings I just completed:

Casey Matthews

Casey Matthews “We Dodged the Bullet” (60×60)

Casey Matthews

Casey Matthews “The End of an Era” (60×72)

Casey Matthews

Casey Matthews “Drink the Kool Aid” (60×60)

Casey Matthews

Casey Matthews “Soft Scene” (30×48)

It seems that whenever I discover a new art product, my style tends to shift. I love that growth and self discovery. When I look at artists who don’t seem to evolve very much over the years, I wonder if they are dead inside (is that too harsh?).  First it was Fluid Acrylics that changed my life, now it is India Inks and Acrylic Gouache. I have really been able to achieve such vibrant colors as well as super subtle, yet powerful transparent washes.  It’s time to match the sofa to the art folks!  I’m really loving my work right now.  It is a total ass pain to work horizontal all the time (I need more space!) but I’m dealing with it.  I have been so busy – I’m not taking any new commissions until 2016!

Casey Matthews in the Studio

Casey Matthews in the Studio

I love striped shirts!  I think I have about 12+ of them.  I think I wear a different one several times a week.  It’s so very French, Picasso, Coco Chanel, Audrey Hepburn, Warhol-esque.  I channel my artist self, living in France on a sailing vacation overtime I wear one!


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