Transcendence of Rationality

I just finished this commission:


Casey Matthews “Transcendence of Rationality” (32×66)

It was a fun size – 32×66.  So I ordered a few more comparable sizes to play around with.  Like 30×60 & 36×72. Hopefully I will be able to get to them in a few months.  I’m pretty much booked up thru January or February 2015 now.  Most artists do not enjoy doing commissions – but I think I have it down to a science now (business wise.)  I also enjoy working with the vision of my client.  They often have an approach or color scheme that I would have never have considered if it were not for them.  It helps me leave my comfort zone and expand and grow in my current work.

I was telling someone the other day that I get inquires on existing work, (from galleries, designers, art consultants, etc) and approached about commissions several times a week.  Probably only 15%- 20% of the people who reach out to me (for a price or quote, project, etc) over a month actually respond or follow through with a deposit or sale.  So I don’t get my hopes up for every little thing that crosses my path.  (I also don’t even entertain the thought of a commission without a deposit because I’m too busy)   However, someone asked me for a price quote today for  a painting 96″x122″ – and I really had to put on my thinking cap on that and financially prepare myself for all the hidden expenses (like this will not fit in my studio or in my house.)  I’m not actually sure where I would even paint something that large, let alone find stretcher bars or canvas that would make a canvas that size.  But it sure would be fun!  I might have to rent a warehouse or something.  I’m keeping my fingers crossed.


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