Just let go…

What I'm working on today. (30×30)

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I have had a fabulous painting week. It has been great to get back in the studio with clear mind/vision after a long vacation.  I’m such a lucky person, and every day I am so thankful that I am to be able to do what I do, feel good about the work I produce, and also get paid to do it.

Casey Matthews - Grouping of 4-24x24x3

Casey Matthews – Four-24x24x3  – Mixed media painting (coffee, acrylic, gouache, polymers, charcoal)

I just got back from a hiking the Inca Trail in Peru.  While I was away, I was not planning on answering email however, as soon as I got on the plane (I had wifi) I started getting a bunch of art related email – up until I got home three weeks later: I secured deposits for three commissions, got inquiries for five more potential gigs, developed a business relationship with a new gallery, and was in contact with three consulting firms regarding large hotel projects.  Who knew there would be so many art emergencies last month?  It has been so amazing how many good things, situations, relationships, opportunities, people have come into my life this year.  Thanks everyone!

Machu Picchu #machupicchu #perupath #incatrail

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I had so much work to do, I had to hit the ground running as soon as I got off the plane…. Then, I had a previous deadline that was cancelled on me this week  – it was one of those things that was SUCH a relief, and a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders (mentally.) Also, a catalyst that will get the ball rolling toward ridding myself of several toxic situations/relationships that I seemed to have found myself in. Something I have been mentally struggling with for a few years, but has really come to a head these past few months. A situation that has really been holding me back… and this week I am at peace with my decision to let it go.  IT FEELS AMAZING.  I hate to admit that I am (at times) afraid of change. However I know that it is crucial to success and growth. And I have really been paying close attention to my mission and path this year. Funny how when you write down your goals and visualize them – they seem to all seems to fall into place. I’m moving forward and cutting loose of those things that are holding me back, and taking advantage of me.

And this release is sooo mentally healthy. There is no sense in having any negative energy and anger linger and cloud my creative process or  future business decisions. I try really had to be a professional person and think more like a man, rather than a sensitive female artist  (sorry ladies, but we/you tend to get your panties in a wad over trivial shit;) Not take things so personally or get hung up on insecurities. There is so much rejection and criticism in art – you just can’t get hung up on every little detail – use it and move forward. The fact of the matter is that sometimes people just need to part ways in order to grow. It is nothing personal.

I’m one of those people who has great luck when “one door closes, another door opens….”

I have had such an eventful year – past year. This time last year I was really struggling with Tennis Elbow – and that slowed down my creative output tremendously, which was pretty painful and depressing that I was so helpless. My Mother was also diagnosed (and then passed away) with lung cancer that had spread to her liver, bones, and brain – all in the course of 3-4 months. That was pretty intense. I also got a new puppy last year – and good God – that was extremely stressful as well!

So this week, I was able to let go, and clear my mind, just have so much fun experimenting, and paint for myself – and I’m ready for great things to happen.

In progress

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What I'm working on today. (30×30)

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I have been fairly prolific this week.

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5 responses to “Just let go…

  1. What a lovely post. I’m so happy you’ve found yourself in a good place! I’ve been feeling very similar with the goals I set and how they allow things to come to me. Wishing you more of it!

  2. So happy to hear that you’re in a good place! I’ve been having a solar experience with setting goals and seeing things come to me. Hope it continues!

  3. Beautiful post, and very inspiring. I am so happy for you that all of your hard work it manifesting in wonderful opportunities. Enjoy and congratulations.

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