Studio Visit: Where the Magic Happens (a glimpse)

Here are some recent studio shots I took with my iPad/iPhone or had a friend photograph of me:

Casey Headshot

What I look like after a shower and serious prep time.

Casey in the Studio

What I look like most of the time

Detail Studio Shot

Detail shot

Front Room

Front Room (panoramic shot with my iPhone).  I have two rooms/areas in my studio.  The front room is supposed to be a clean, gallery/display space (which never looks clean) and the back room is a workroom/storage area. I think the whole place totals approximately 300 square feet.  Whenever I complain about how I need more space, I force myself to remember that this space would be 4 times as much $$ in NYC.


Paints, canvas rolls for custom-built canvas, color wheel, and commission information lined up on clipboards.


Paint (organized by color), polymers, gel medium, primer, gesso, collage elements (organized by color), markers, pencils, etc. My refrigerator, microwave, and Keurig are sandwiched in there to the left. Come over for coffee (or a glass of wine) any time!

Back Room

Back Room

I have a studio in historic Downtown Fernandina Beach, FL.  It is located upstairs, and the space houses nine other art studios – called The Blue Door Artists. They are separate work spaces that are individually maintained, yet we come together for group marketing, and help beach other keep all the studios open 6 days a week.  I have had my studio up there for 12 years.  And over the years, I have had to come out of my shell, been forced to interact with people wanting to watch me work, as well as deal with constant interruption.  Some days it can be fun interacting with people/customers, other days it can be annoying, and other days I just shut my door and put up a sign that says “CLOSED” if I am really working on a deadline.  But over all it has been a good experience.  Artists can be such solitary creatures – and if I worked from home, I’m pretty sure not bath every day, my paint clothes would be the same as my sleep clothes, and my conversation would be limited to two Italian Greyhounds.

Yes, for the most part I severely cleaned up my studio for this photo-shoot.  I discovered (on security camera) that a huge night gecko (Gordon) was living in the somewhere (the hallway, bathrooms?) of our studio collective – so I was on a serious mission to clean up my crap.  I never found Gordon, but I do know that he is NOT living in my room (and no way he can get in.)

I am a messy perfectionist.  While most of the time there may be crap all over the floor, every surface, and in the sink – my paints and supplies are ALWAYS organized. (for the exception of my brushes).  Enjoy!


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