“Dear Rocco… Love, Lucy”

"Dear Rocco... Love, Lucy"

“Dear Rocco… Love, Lucy”

If you want to read a new book about a retired NYC financial executive who meets an artist on an island and they fall in lurrrve…
Oh, and they each have a Chihuahua. And the dogs dig each other too…

(I illustrated the cover)

You can buy it on Amazon HERE! 
You can check out the website HERE
You can check out the Facebook FAN page HERE

When you have a book on Amazon, there is a little thing at the bottom of the “Product Details” that states your ranking, like this:

So, for shits and giggles I clicked on the top 100 books. Hillary Clinton’s new book is in the top 20. No surprise there, she has lots of fans – but the real shocker is that she barely has a two star rating for a top 20 book (out of 1000+ reviews.) And those are from people who actually like her – because you know that no self-respecting Republican will buy that book (at least new) and put money in her pocket. I almost felt sorry for her. The consensus is that it was long, boring, cold/superficial/safe, lacking substance, and ghost written. Most people were disappointed that it was lacking in candor, and honesty….

The whole point in telling you all that is because “Dear Rocco… Love, Lucy” is NOT boring. If you complain about anything – it will be that it was too short, and the author needs to hurry up and write something else!
I have been busy. I have to admit that painting dogs, using watercolors, and seascapes are not really my thing. But is was a challenge, and I’m interested in challenging situations. Just don’t ask me to paint your dog now. Good God! I don’t want to open that can of worms (my cousin already asked me.)
Do you know how hard it is to paint dogs (and anything with eyeballs?) If they are not quite right everyone knows it. You can’t fool anyone. You can mess around with a looser style, and not be spot on realistic, but still – if the eyes are fucked up, you are screwed. There is a fine line between making something/someone look kind, approachable, cute, lovable – and cross-eyed, mean, mean, lifeless. And it is all in the eyes.
But this was good practice. I’m illustrating a children’s book next!

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