Fire Calves

I just uploaded about 30 new paintings to my website that are all for sale!  Yea!

I have been super busy working – busy, but also lazy – I should not have let this much art build up to photograph – but I was avoiding that load up and drive to Jacksonville like the plague.

If you have ever been to my studio, you would know that I have been there almost 12 years, and it is located in the quaint historic downtown area of Fernandina Beach.  It is also UPSTAIRS.  I am not a pussy.  I don’t usually avoid physical activity and stairs  – I’m still youngish, and can do it; Some days in heels!  However, I’m kind of over this upstairs studio thing.  It was fun while it lasted, but I’m just way too busy for all this nonsense.  Because it is located in the historic district, it is usually busy (hard to find a parking space,) and if I have paintings to load/unload – it can certainly complicate things if I don’t find a parking spot in front.  And to add further frustration, the studio is located above a coffee shop that is open at 7AM.  And while the parking spaces free up quickly, they can be full at 8AM!  There have been many a morning my day started at 5-6AM just so I could get a front parking spot.  The (former) owner of the coffee shop is familiar with my beautiful morning face and pajama/studio attire.  He was often up early with me pressure washing the sidewalk, and just opening the shop.  If anyone knows how hard I would – he does.

Today I handled 40+ paintings that I picked up from the photographer.  Do you know how many times that I walked up the stairs?? And in addition to that, I had to rent a van because all this art would not fit in my car.  I needed to return the van, so I did not have the luxury of driving around the block a few times until a space freed up.  So I had to walk around the corner and across the street when I unloaded the art, then walked up a flight of stairs, down the end of my hall to my studio.  And these were paintings that ranged in size from 24×30, 30×30, 36×36, 30×40, 48×48 and 48×60!  At the end of the day – I felt like crying.  My calves are on fire.  I’m going to take a few Tylenol PM tonight and hope for the best.

Ideally, I would love a huge air-conditioned warehouse/space on ground level, clean, all utilities included, critter free, mold free, pet friendly on the island and under $500.  I would also love to crank up my Bose stereo without complaint from the religious downstairs tenants.  And no distractions (visitors) – so I could get drunk or take a nap in the middle of the day if the mood struck.  Anyone know of anything like that?  Anyone?

Here are a few lovelies that I LOVE from this recent batch – but are all also kind of different:








See more HERE.  I will be uploading more tomorrow as well.

Also, mental note to learn how to use my fancy camera and lighting techniques.


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May 28, 2014 · 11:35 pm

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