Getting my Groove Back

I’m finally back in the studio and seemed to have settled  back into my groove.  Truth be known, I discovered a new series on Netflix (Scandal) and since I’m pretty much a TV whore – it is just easier to clear my mind with the more stimulation I have going on.  Up until now, I had been painting, but mostly at home the past month, outside, and only when it was sunny (and it has been raining ALOT).  I seemed to have been spinning my wheels a bit. I was not able to work out problems in my work.  Until the is week – this week has been inspiring and productive for me.  Not that many distractions.

My mother and I had a challenging relationship, so I assumed that processing her death would be a little easier, however, I catch myself at times:  “Oh I need to call my Mother, about that exciting news”….(oh wait)  or at Easter thinking “my Mother use to hide eggs for us well into my 20’s, or until I quit coming home for Easter.” And somedays I just get upset out of the blue.  I cried at yoga the other day like a douche bag.  I feel like a woosie. Her memorial, or “Celebration of Life” is this weekend in San Antonio.  I will have to decide what to do with my portion of her ashes as well. Being a grown up sucks balls!

So – Here are a few things I just finished up and shipped out for a 2 day pop-up show in Birmingham, AL  – April 23rd & 24th through Gregg Irby Fine Art.  So if you are in the Birmingham area – stop by and see the goods.  Gregg Irby represents all the best (and affordable) artists in the Southeast!  I will not be there though.  It is not that kind of show.

Image Image




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