Happy Holidays, Thanks Everyone, & a Work in Progress

Happy Holidays Everyone! I have been SUPER SUPER SUPER busy! At this time, I cannot take any new commissions until April – so if you are even remotely considering anything, lay down a deposit get on the waiting list people!  I have had an incredible year. Thank you sooo much!  I have the most amazing clients, and fans ever, and I have the sweetest most amazing studio assistant to helping me now.  I have had a few holiday shows this month, busy getting work out to galleries, and of course commission work.  At this time of year, I have MANY art emergencies – rushing around fulfilling orders and deadlines!  Art makes a great gift (I even had some art on my holiday wish list)  Thank you – thank you – thank you everyone! I’m so blessed and overwhelmed with love and work and that words cannot possibly express how grateful and fortunate I am to be able to do what I love and make a living.  And believe me, it has been a LONG LONG road!

Here is a work in progress to hold you over until a real blog post:

work in progress

I basically NEVER use yellow so this sort of a big deal. But I had the itch!


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