Waiting for paint to dry


My studio currently looks like a war zone! I literally only have three paintings hanging and the rest are either stacked up getting ready to ship out to galleries, or commissions in various stages of drying/completion, etc. I have the hairdryer going as I type this blog post on my iPhone.

I had a customer come in today who (parents) has a vacation home on the island. He is sweet guy that started collecting my work when he was in highschool and comes to scope out future purchases each time he is in town. He asked me where all the work was that I had hanging in my studio a year or two ago…..
ME: “I’m not sure what you mean”…..
HIM: “You had a bunch of working hanging up the last time I was here. I think there was the art walk going on. Where is all the work?”
ME: “In other people’s homes…..”

Did that sound snotty? Sometimes I sound snotty (rude) even if I don’t mean to be. And, well, lets face it – Sometimes I am just rude on purpose.

But seriously people! That is the third person in a month to ask me about some work I had in my studio over a year ago. People – you snooze, you lose! I am a foodie! I have bills to pay, spa treatments to book, vacations to take, and bling to buy. I can not afford to have my work sit around for months and years. My lifestyle is superficial and expensive to maintain! Get with the program. I’m in demand bitches!

Stella is the only dog in the world that loves the hair dryer!


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July 5, 2013 · 2:05 pm

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