Watery Color



People often ask me if I am using watercolor in my work – and I’m not really. In all honesty, I save my dirty (acrylic) water and reuse it for future washes and splatters and splops. I seem to get some of the coolest colors that way. Some have a traces of metallic paint in them; different paint and pigments weigh differently, causing settlement and an interesting appearance as they dry. And once you start layering them, it is reminiscent of layered tissue paper – forming new colors as each layer dries. It takes a LONG time and takes up a ton of space as everything has to dry flat. But the results are beautiful.

The problem is – after awhile they tend to smell. And then, if I ignore them too long they will dry up and occasionally taking a brush with it to a slow death. But not anymore….. I broke down and bought some big mouth ball jars and plastic lids the other day. I spent all afternoon straining the old water into the new jars and then washing the old jars for future use.

Aren’t they purdy? I love color organization I’m anxious to finish up some things now.



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  1. Melody Blore

    You are incredibly brilliant!!! I nervously pour my acrylic water down the drain with the faucet running, hoping i don’t cause a problem in our plumbing! Such a ‘green’ thing to do, but, seriously cost-effective AND creative! i so love you! Thanks for this…

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