Art & Autism – and an Art Giveaway!

One of my dearest friends and fabulous artist, Gina Cochran, has a KickStarter art project that she is trying to raise funds for, and was inspired by her son, Cooper.  Along with some of her studio mates, she is offering art therapy workshops to children with Autism (or on the spectrum,) and then having an art show & reception for them afterward to celebrate.  They are only about  $700-$800 away from their goal which has to be reached in the next 21 hours, otherwise – they get bupkis. So even if you only have $5, $10, or $20 to spare right now – anything helps.  Pass this on to anyone that likes kids, or has a special place in their heart for children with Autism, or likes art! I know they would be extremely grateful…….I would be grateful! And to prove it – if they make their goal, and you donate something (and it does not matter how much) I will be giving away some small original paintings on paper or board. Send me your address (casey -at- caseymatthews -dot-com), tell me that you donated, tell me your favorite colors, and I will promise I will create something special for you!


Casey Matthews    “Azalea”    (30×40)    $1525


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