Breaking Bad


“Moderation” (2-30×48)

So – recently there was a meth lab bust in my small town.  Not off the island or out in the boonies somewhere, but about 2 miles from my house and studio.  I pass this house every day on my way to work and for years it has always looked sketchy.  It is the only house on the street with an over grown yard, broken/boarded up windows, writing in the windows, Halloween decor year round, and an occasional mattress, or other random articles of furniture on the lawn for sale.  I initially thought there was some old crazy person that lived there or something.  Needless to say they did not take care of their home……

 So I was driving home the other day from the studio and saw a fire truck, ambulance, every cop car in the city, and a SWAT van in the front yard.  The yard was taped off, all the windows were busted out (from an explosion or the cops, who knows?) and men in hazmat suits were carrying large buckets outside.  Freaky! I have only seen this kind of stuff in the movies. I wondered if there had been a murder?  Perhaps these meth heads violently killed the old person that I imagined living there and took over their house to cook their poison….. my mind wandered.

So then I became consumed with meth: the idea of meth, why people do meth, the ingredients in meth, etc.  I’m pretty vanilla when it comes to drugs.  Did you know that in addition to cold pills or ephedrine, a meth cook puts stuff like battery acid, antifreeze, lighter fuel, drain cleaner, pool cleaner, ammonia, muriatic acid, sodium hydroxide, etc…… and I gave up diet coke because the artificial sweetener is a byproduct of formaldehyde???  Why on earth would anyone what to put that stuff in their bodies is beyond me.  Whatever happened to good ole fashioned paint huffing, or glue sniffing? I just can’t imagine the high.

Anyway, so I am/was on my meth obsession.  Every yard I passed that was overgrown and had weeds in it I wondered if they were cooking meth in there.  Around the same time, I was doing my taxes (dreading my taxes)…..Meth people don’t pay taxes I’m sure…..

Everyone kept asking me if I had seen “Breaking Bad” (which I had not) – so for the past 5-6 yucky rainy & windy, days I have been holed up in my house with my dogs, painting furiously for 3 deadlines, and watching back to back episodes of “Breaking Bad” on Netflix. I practically missed all that Boston Marathon bomb ordeal. (I don’t normally like to work from home, but have been while I was renovating my studio, and potty training the new puppy.) Watch it if you have not.  AMAZING.

I’m just finishing up a slew of new work and here are some of the titles:  risk, impound, paying for silence, after the cut ($), money laundering, hazard pay, crawl space, ongoing expenditures, everybody wins, etc…… Can you tell I watch waaaay too much TV? Now that I’m caught up on “Breaking Bad” – I have moved on to “Lost” – I hope it does not prove to be a disappointment.  


“Legacy Cost” (24×30)


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