I have been busy……

Meet Lola.

She is a 10 week old Italian Greyhound puppy that weighs 3.5lbs. She is soooo cute, really funny, and loving….. also very energetic, bossy, and rambunctious at times. A regular ol holy terror!


She constantly has to be monitored or she will be pulling up a rug, chewing on a shoe, pooping/peeing somewhere unwanted, tugging at the curtains, digging in a plant, exploring the laundry room dust bunnies, running amuck under the bed, or howling that she is alone and can’t see me. She can get a lot of damage done in a mere 5-10 seconds. She is fast and as thorough as a tornado when it comes to destruction.

So, I may have mentioned before that I have been slowly cleaning and painting my studio (renovating ?) And between a puppy and my severe tennis elbow things have taken me about 20 times longer than it should. I have a ton of stuff crammed in my work area, which is not exactly puppy proofed. Today is my first full day of working with two dogs – which is why she is tethered to a paint can while I’m working, and Stella goes a greets customers. We are really ghetto around here.




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