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So we recently had an artist leave the Blue Door.   She had a baby the past summer, and found it was too much to keep up with an infant and a working studio.   I was sad to see her go – but I have been renting her old room just for this month so I can clean out my own studio/gallery and repaint.  So I moved my whole gallery in her nice clean space with grey floors and white walls.  It looks so nice, I wish I had it permanently.

I have been in my studio for ten years!  I can’t really believe it.  But when I rented it ten years ago, it was “as is” because I wanted it cheaper than if they had to clean and paint it.  My brother was living in Fernandina Beach at the time and he helped me clean and paint.  And like a crazy dumb ass, I even hand painted the 50’s linoleum floor a black and white check.   I guess I was a tad more ambitious back then.  Unfortunately, I outgrew my studio area and had to spread into my nice clean “gallery” area to work as well.  And basically abandoned the mop and all attempts to keep the hand-painted floor clean.


Now I have arthritis in my knee and my back would be killing me if I was all hunched over that floor again today.  Anyway, so I thought, I’ve been making a bunch of money lately – so I’m going to buck up and hire a painter. We had our whole building rewired this past summer and they really made a mess of things, the ceiling and everything.  I wanted to paint the exposed wire tubing they so graciously left me running up and down the walls and ceiling.

So I got a painting quote that made my butt hole clinch:  For two rooms that are approximately 16×12 &  10 foot ceilings (floor ceiling, walls, doors, trim – already patched and caulked – would be $1800 – and that did not include paint.  I’m not really sure what I was thinking.  $500? Im a dope – I guess I have no idea how much things cost.  I could have sworn our whole house was $5000 (including primed and ceilings) but I must have remembered it wrong.  And that guy was a complete nightmare – I guess that is why he was so cheap.  So my prissy little ass is moving to “plan C” –  and scrapping the idea of even painting my “studio” room (just patching some areas), and just doing the “gallery” room.  Oh, and doing it myself.  I cheaped out completely.

So I’m just going to get several deep tissue massages  during the whole process and think of all the shoes I could buy instead.


Sooooo –  I my studio will be closed (after the Second Saturday Artwalk tomorrow) until March – while I’m renovating. Wish me luck!


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  1. it is a wee bit high $$$ But so worth not having to think about it and just think how it will clear your mind when you enter to paint the first time.. Charge them for every day they work past their promised finish date…Worth IT!! Remember these are the things you work so hard to afford! Still loving your work..
    Rose Mary Montgomery

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