Light Keeper Pro – Holiday Life Saver


If you have ever been to my home during the holidays, you would know that I really take pride in my holiday decor.  I use to insist on having a real tree – and it HAD to be a Fraiser Fir, and HAD to scrape the ceiling – like 8-10 feet depending on what house I was living in at the time.  And when I was poor I would put a smaller tree on a platform to make it taller.  I normally had about 1000 lights on each tree.  I hand wrapped each branch.  Loved to OD on lights!  I loved my real Christmas trees until one year my amazing heavy duty tree stand sprung a small leak and ruined the floor, and also stained it red (the color of the Christmas tree floor protector, which did not work either.) So, I had enough and 3 years ago I joined the world of fake tree lovers and I purchased a 9 foot pre-lit, and it only took about 30 minutes for me to embrace the whole pre-lit fake tree movement. I use to be the type of person that wanted to throw the whole tree away at the end of the season, lights and all. (and yes, I realize that was not very environmental of me)

This year I decided to upgrade and broke down ($$) and purchased a pre-lit tree from Frontgate that is on wheels and everything.  It is tall and skinny and fits in our tiny little house.  Pretty much the bomb diggety!  I was so excited, and it seemed to take forever to get here. (and apparently the tree I purchased is already sold out it was so popular!)

ImageSo, it arrived today – I set/hooked it up (which BTW only took 5-10 minutes!) Only to find that there was a light strand out.  Uggggh!  (One of the reason’s why I bought the thing in the first place was that there was a strand out on my other tree and it made me angry all last Christmas, and I was too lazy to change out the strand this year.)  So I hand tested each bulb, changed the fuse, etc.  Was pissed.  Called Frontgate to discuss my options.  They told me to go to Walgreens and buy this thing called the “Light Keeper Pro” – so I did.  It says “as seen on TV” on the box even though I have never seen it advertized – it is some some sort of light tester/repair kit. When I opened it I initially thought I was going to need to test each light and almost did not even bother – got discouraged wanted to return the tree…..   So I followed directions:  I removed one lightbulb from the strand that was not working – placed the empty socket/outlet in the tester gun and pulled the trigger a few times until the strand lit.  It sort of recharged the strand!  Not sure how it made it work but it did!

I was just about to throw a temper tantrum and cancel Christmas. I figured It took me 10 days to get this stupid tree, it would be such an annoyance to repack this one up and wait for UPS to come get it.  And if I got another one it would not be here until the 19th of Christmas – and what would be the point then?…..

Anyway, I have had a crappy week, and this did not help.  I have had migraines almost everyday.  I did not win the lottery.  (Sigh) This was a decent thing that happened, so I thought I would share.

It seems that in my years of being an adult and having a Christmas tree of my own (14 years) there were 3 (angry) years out of the 14 that certain lights strands went out, and maybe 2-3 years I did not even have a tree.

So if this happens to you it its worth the $20 for this little light repair gun.



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  1. getting one of these NOW.. thanks for the heads up!!

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