Pricing work on paper


I feel very confident about how I price my work. I have my own formula even though it may not make sense to anyone except myself. My work is priced using a formula which factors in the dimensions of the work, the availability and costliness of materials to be used, and the labor intensity of the techniques /processes that will be explored in creating the work.

However, in an attempt to create some more “affordable work” on paper I find myself a bit stumped. If you are an artist or creative person do you have a formula you use (like price/square foot) for your regular (ready to hang work,) and if so – what is your pricing difference in what you charge for studies or paintings on paper (unframed and unmounted).
Like do you charge 1/4 less, 1/3, etc? Or do you even have a formula?

It seems that they take the same amount of time and incorporate the same amount of materials – except for the surface. So I’m not sure that discounting work only $10-$20 will achieve my overall goal of creating this “affordable work”

Any thoughts?

And if you are not an artist, but like to buy art – what do you look (price point, quality,etc) for when you are collecting small work from your favorite artist?


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November 21, 2012 · 1:43 pm

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