(admitting) the agony of defeat; it’s OK – that is what gesso is for.

The death of a painting –

It does not happen that often, but when it does it is soooo frustrating – you know what I am taking about – stinkers, frustrating work, and overworked paintings. I had a crappy weekend painting.  Several paintings were turning muddy, I was afraid of overworking things, and for the first time in about two decades I flat out gessoed over a complete painting that had been giving me fits. This is one of those paintings that has been sitting in my studio for years.  I liked, but it needed some tweaking, and a little work to make it fit in with my current style.  I hate to admit (gesso) defeat like that – but so be it.  It was just not going to work out between us.   I was wasting too much time and energy on it, and just needed to let go. Every week or so I think I am going to fool with it just a little bit more….. Most of the time I relish a good challenge like that – painting myself out of an ugly painting.  But Sometimes you just have to let go if things in life; including relationships, situations (jobs), thought forms, material possessions, etc – things that are just not working out or causing more clutter and drama in your life than necessary.  Sometimes we have to leave things or people behind in order to grow.  Letting go makes way for something closer to your truth – which is always more beautiful.  Always.  Sometimes a clean break – (or a thick coat of gesso) – is the answer to our problems.  Making space (for new) expands your being and clarifies (and minimizes) your needs.  It is OK.  Not everything works out in life.  No hard feelings. RIP small 20×20.

Because, Going without and holding out, is better than selling out.  Always.


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