I just got home from delivering art to an Art Consultant.  I left the house at 5AM this morning – which means I woke up somewhere around 4AM.  And if you know me, I am never awake at that hour unless I have been drinking heavily and have not gone to bed yet.  This has been a BIG deadline I can finally cross off my list.  Something that has been looming over me for months, and  I think I was only 2 weeks behind schedule (and about 4 paintings short.)  Between commissions, special projects/installations, gallery work, and direct studio sales, It has been so difficult to produce and hold on to enough inventory (15-20 large paintings) for them.

I feel like I have painted enough art this year for at least 5 one man-shows.  I’m soooo tired.  I have been struggling with a sprained ankle all week as well.  So battling to find a front park in front of my studio (in the rain), and going up and down stairs trying to load my car with art (in the rain) has not been an easy feat.  And I have not exactly been in the best of moods either (due to pain, meds, too much rain, and lack of sleep) – So I’m also coming from a place of NO right now.  If you are even remotely thinking you want a discount or a donation or any favors from me at the moment – just motor on.  (Did I mention that it has been raining a bunch?)

However, I am celebrating with a sigh of relief, and I’m going to try to sleep until 8 or 9 tomorrow (no alarm clock, and no dog to wake me up). And I can focus on finishing up one more commission. And hopefully gain an attitude adjustment.  And celebrate the Blue Moon on Friday.

Knee High to a Grasshopper (30x40)


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