“Art Studio” in NYC

I recently took some photos of my apartment “art studio” (more like a work area) in NYC for an upcoming studio visit website (TBA).  I  had an upcoming art opening in SoHo and had more art in stock than usual, so I was able to “fluff up” the photo shoot and make it look good (pretty and productive.)  So I thought I would share with you.

This is what it looks like when I drop the disco ball, pull back the rug, then lay down the tarp, and get down to it while my man is at work:


I have Northern exposure – so the room is constantly flooded with light (not the greatest photos – it was a cloudy day, but you get the idea)



The view of the HighLine Park, and the Hudson River from 12 stories up.  The West Chelsea / Meat Packing area.

The apartment itself is 500 square feet, and when two people are there, one (ME) must to be more considerate than normal of the mess that is left around.  As an artist this is almost impossible unless you live with the (loving) slave driver that I do.

I keep all my supplies in my clothes closet when not in use.  (sorry I forgot to photograph that) I have a special tall skinny Elfa art cart that I purchased from the Container Store so it hardly takes up any space:



And extra canvas is easily stored behind the sofa, and other exciting places:


The kitchen counter and stove also serve as work space from time to time:


I have all the art supplies I need, but find myself being more conservative with my paint (which I should anyway) than I do in my Florida studio. I would not say that the work is more controlled (so I don’t make too much of a mess) but it seem a little calmer; quiet.  But I like how these elements can reflect upon the work.



In Florida I have about 350 square feet of studio space outside of my home – that is also open to the public 6 days a week even if I am not there. Half of that is used as gallery/display space, and the other half is my messy work area.  And during busy times, I keep the door closed (DO NOT DISTURB!) and use the whole place as a crazy art making factory.  From time to time, I complain that I need more space, but that is usually when I need to clean and organize.  Last year I went on a studio tour of Chelsea Artists and there were some studios the size of mine with 2-4 people crammed in there – AND they are 4 times as expensive!

So I need to remember and appreciate what I do have.

Continue checking out my website for new work.  I will be updating all weekend.



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3 responses to ““Art Studio” in NYC

  1. Your art is amazing… and I love your apartment. Obviously your space inspires you in a fabulous way.

  2. Beautiful work! What an inspiring space, too. I recently went on a solo retreat to paint in a third floor condo overlooking the ocean but after lugging all my stuff in laundry baskets, flimsy cardboard boxes and various apparatus…the little cart is a wonderful idea!

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