a temporary setback…. and things I’m in to

So I have been having computer problems this past week: Wireless network/Modem, which of course leads to printer problems. Phone problems….. It is amazing how much of our lives are wrapped up in technology, and how irritated one can be when things are not going right. I have bought a new wireless router, and have downloaded some much stuff in an attempt to remedy the situation. I’m getting there. I have about 14 new pieces of art I need to post online but can’t at the moment. In fact this is the third time I have made an attempt to post this blog entry on my ipad. ALL technology is frustrating me at the moment…..I want to scream!

I am really into pink right now:

Confectionery (48×60)

All this aggravation has put me in a foul mood, so I am going to take a moment to let you know some other things I am “in to” (things I like) in an attempt to turn my frown upside down:

I am obsessed with Smells: I like the smell of clean – like bleach. I love the way my house smells after my housekeeper has been there. That cleaning/chemical/bleach smell means my house is clean and organized, at least for a few hours until I mess it up again. I also like the smell of clean laundry – Downy (fabric softener). Clean sheets. Unscented cleaning products are for the birds! I also use a LampeBerger and my favorite home fragrances are: Lemongrass, Lemon Verbena, Eucalyptus, and Lavender. And I am usually mixing my own concoction of a few of them. I love the way my dog smells, it is comforting. My favorite perfume is Bobbi Brown “Beach” – and it is just that. It reminds me of being at the beach: A little sunscreen, salt, sand, and sun. Hard to describe – you just have to smell it. I also love the scent of gardenia.

I really like orchids. At any given time we have about 5 orchids in our tiny 1300 SQ foot home. They not really that much more expensive than fresh flowers but can last a month or two if you take care of them. I love that they are so delicate yet hardy. When I was in high-school I requested (demanded) that my prom wrist corsage be an orchid.

I really like rocks: More specifically, geodes, crystals, river rocks, rough gems, rough diamonds. It was a wonder I was not a geologist, archeologist, or gemologist. I work about 8 hours a week at a local jewelry store – does that count? At our most recent artwalk, several people told me my new work reminded them of scattered gems on a canvas. Cool huh? I guess inspiration is drawn from everywhere.


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