Work in Progress….

There has been an insane amount of time that has elapsed since my last real blog entry. I have not exactly been verbally inspired.  I have lots of incomplete thoughts – but they are just that.

For your enjoyment, here are some incomplete “works in progress” that go along with the “incomplete” theme  (excuse the crappy cell phone photos):



You can’t tell from those paintings – but I have been VERY busy lately.

This past year I have been traveling back and fourth to NYC trying to take advantage of the time I have there while it lasts.  I love the energy a big city has to offer, the culture, and craft.  There is no room for mediocrity.  The food is amazing, the groceries are fresh, farmers markets are abundant, the art and  museums are fabulous, shopping, etc.  NYC is a place that actually appreciates fine things, unique things, and will spend the money to have one-of-a-kind original items.  Finally, a place that could appreciate (people like) me.  A place where people appreciate a handmade hat from a milliner, or a tailored suit, or original art, artisan jewelry, fresh squeezed juice at your doorstep. I love all that specialty stuff.  I love (custom) things that other people cannot find or buy. I’m not a name brand – keeping up with the Jones’ kind of gal.

Because I want to spend time in NYC, and with my boyfriend – I have stripped down to the bare necessities (so to speak): I prioritize, and only allow the crucial things, and energy consumers, in my life.  I have very little free time or leisure time.  I don’t socialize very much anymore.  I don’t have time for drama, or quite frankly – other peoples problems at the moment.  I know that sounds harsh – but it is true.  I am trying to keep a home, work in my studio, maintain a good body of work, work a part time job, and maintain a relationship. I try and make my time in Florida productive, so that any free time I have – I can travel.  I usually multi-task with everything I do.  Hardly anything gets my full attention these days.  I cannot seem to fulfill the needs of other people.  When I paint – that is the only time my mind quiets down, and I relax.  But is so awesome to get to do something like that that I truly love.

I had Lasik Eye surgery in January, and it took me a good two months to see perfectly clear.  I was not quite prepared for that downtime.  Don’t tell anyone, but I pretty much had no business driving during the whole month of February – and I am a horrible when it comes to asking others for help.  I was able to work a little bit during that time, but only a few hours until I got eye fatigue and blurry vision.  Thank goodness my work is a little naturally blurry looking as it is.

I have been so busy art wise that I can’t seem to catch up.  I have delivered/shipped so much work to other galleries these past two months that I literally do not have anything in my studio at the moment.  I paint it and immediately move it out.  And of all times, it seems like I am in high demand.  (which I guess is a good thing – but odd) Some people actually seem miffed that that cannot purchase a painting directly from me at the moment.  They want to know “what I have in stock” – and That my studio is not open to the public right now.   Those things are just not a priority at the moment, and I am having a hard time encouraging a few people understand this.

Am I tired, yes.  I have needed a nap for 6 months. But I need to get back to painting – and then packing.

I sold three of my most favorite paintings this week.  It is such an amazing feeling to paint something that I want – that I am proud of – that may not necessarily “match the sofa” – not exactly “main stream” or even “pretty” – but I know a lot went in to it, and I know it is some of the best quality, (not mass produced) piece of work you can get from me.  That is the best feeling EVER!


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  1. I totally get all of it. 🙂 Just don’t forget to breathe.

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