VOTE FOR ME – ASAP (sorry for shouting)

I am writing to you for a bit of support – and apologies in advance for being an art whore.

I have recently submitted an abstract mixed-media, collage painting to be judged in the Saatchi Online Showdown: An online competition where artists can showcase their work and go head-to-head with other artists, giving the winner a chance to display their art at the Saatchi Gallery in London. If you like my piece and find my work interesting then please do not hesitate to VOTE for it. Go HERE and vote for my painting.   Voting starts today and runs through January 19th. If I make it past the first round of people’s choice voting (aka popularity contest) and on to the second round I will then be judged by jurors selected by Saatchi. It takes a little while to wade through the entries – but I will be forever grateful for your support!

Here is a little description about this piece and my current body of work: I incorporate college materials I collect from recycled magazines, newspapers, and old books. I then dissolve the printed color pigment with a special solvent and turn the printed material into what appears to be dreamy watercolor studies. In turn, I rip those images apart and start assembling a “skeleton” of sorts on the canvas. I think in terms of color and texture. I break down and then build back up; erase, yet reveal. I use numerous layers of paint, washes, glazes, medium, spliced text, handmade paper, tissue, and gesture marks to make the piece appear to be a unified surface; My intention is to create layers of information through my technique; leading your mind’s eye on an aesthetic journey. It is a form of communication, and contradiction.

"A Wealth of Sins" (2011) 40x50


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