Tiny Animals Music Video! (my art)

As an artist, I have all sorts of odd projects that cross my path.  Most people think that because you own a paint brush that you can pretty much do anything.  And there have even been times where I needed the money, and foolishly said yes, and pretended I knew what I was doing.  I thinking about the time did a hand-painted sign for the US Military, took me three times as long as it should have, under-quoted the job, and it took over a year to get paid. Most are annoying (like that) and not worth my time anymore – However,  if it is remotely challenging and keeps the job interesting, I will consider it, as I love an adventure.

My latest project was the music video “Wait For Me” for the rock band Tiny Animals.  I did all the art which was then animated by someone else.  Check it out and let me know what your favorite part is!


The album is released in April, but for now you can purchase the single off iTunes HERE


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