Just Finished : Mnemonic

I like to incorporate text, newspaper, old books, sheet music, sewing patterns, etc, in my work. I find beauty in typeface and symbols, and enjoy merging the structured element with the intuitive. It becomes a form of communication in an otherwise seemingly senseless (non-objective) piece of work.
At one point, I thought I was going to be a graphic designer.  However, I did not care for the fastidious aspect of the career, or the computer headaches that followed.

So I have always been drawn to the font. This way I can appreciate the pattern and structure on my terms:

"Mnemonic" 24x24x3 (2011)

Recently my friend Kerry gave me a few Chinese magazines to have fun with. (see detail below)

"Mnemonic" (detail)

"Mnemonic" (detail)



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2 responses to “Just Finished : Mnemonic

  1. Hi Casey – I saw a post of yours at Alyson Stanfield’s blog – Art Biz Coach. It was probably back from 2006. So, I stumbled on over here. After looking around, I had to let you know how lovely your work is. Really fantastic. I hope you have had many great successes after that post. I’d love to chat more – I’ll look for you on facebook.

    Best Wishes, Jennifer

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