New Commission

I have been very blessed, and had plenty of commission work during this past year.  People are still buying art – go figure.  Commissions are a good way to get a special piece of art that matches your sofa.  Am I opposed to this, certainly not!  I am still making money doing what I love, so I can’t complain. Since my work is very intuitive, it is hard to copy/recreate work I have already done in the past.  The guidelines and limitations seem to translate into something lacking soul.  So, in order to avoid this I just have a detailed  questionnaire I give my clients so that  I can still have the freedom, and maintain control (or lack there of) yet, fulfill the clients needs.  So far, I have not had any complaints (unlike some other artists’ horror stories I have heard).  Besides, most people who like/purchase my work are not high-strung, uptight people or expect a structured piece of work.  I don’t normally attract that sort.

Here is a recent commission I just finished, and thought you would enjoy seeing the process.  The guidelines:  Energetic, palette knife texture, lots of orange,/red, gold/yellow with more black/dark areas than the original. Progress photos along the way. However, I felt the painting I used for inspiration is very flat and on dimensional.  It took me a lot longer than I had intended, (A) I could not find a good red (B) I had no idea I would be traveling back and forth to NYC, (C) felt a little outside my element.

This is a painting the client  saw somewhere on the internet and liked (sorry I have no idea who to credit):

the clients inspiration


…….and my interpretation, my style:

"Bring Home the Bacon : Discovery on Mars" (48x60)

And while it was hanging in my studio, not quite finished, I could have SOLD it about three times, and got 2 commissions “in the flavor” of this piece.  Cool Huh?



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