One of a Kind Show

The cool thing about having a place in New York – I can go to all sort of creative things like this that I have always dreamed of going to (or being in)

Mental note to start saving my pennies so I can shop!



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2 responses to “One of a Kind Show

  1. Casey, I decide to look up your website because I had not seen you in a while and just saw you again at the Alyson stanfield seminar yesterday.
    It is great to know from your blog how well you are doing and how happy you are. I have a little knowledge of the past few years and I am so happy for you for all the wonderful changes in your life. You have always fought for your art which I really admire. Keep it up. I know there is more for you on the horizon

    • Thanks Mikolean –

      The quest for an authentic life with supportive/authentic people it has taken awhile but well worth it. Purging toxic people and situations has really opened me up to allow wonderful people and opportunities my way. I love being an artist! I know you do too. Thanks for offering all these wonderful workshops in our area. I wish I could take more.

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