So apparently I have been posting a bunch of trivial, trite, BS lately.  Yes. I can’t deny it.  But then again, leave and go read about hearts and butterflies if I am annoying you.  My Blog is not intended to be one of those train wrecks you can’t let alone, however in my weak defense, I have been taking all these art marketing, motivational, organizational, get off your ass and “do it” classes – I am trying to remain motivated, or tell myself that.  So forgive me if I sound preachy.  It is hard to remain positive and “gung-ho” (for lack of a better word) in this economy.  So I guess I am trying to trick myself into not giving up and in attempt of being my own cheerleader, I think I need to shout all my new-found wisdom to the world.  But then again I was not really peppy and perky enough to be a cheerleader.  I was on the Speech/Debate team in High School.

Anyway, on a different note, I don’t really like to talk about things that are “iffy” but I am going to go ahead and put it out there in the Universe and see what happens:  I might be moving to NYC part-time, and I am anxious to see if I can even remotely make it there as an artist. As a small town, Southern artist I currently live in a little bubble.  I do OK right now and I think I am considered s small contemporary vixen in my little vacuum of a world.  Some people think my work is “out there,” weird, even “ugly” (I just recently found out, if you can F*&@ing believe that) Not necessarily “edgy,” (nor do I aspire to be) but maybe “on the  edge?”  But in the grand scheme of things I wonder if I am to vanilla? I mean nobody wants to get into to Julliard, only to be the bottom of your class.

So if a potential move is in the cards, it would be scary, but doable.  I always looked up to other people to live in the big city and I could just visit and live vicariously though them – but that never happened.  But those people let me down.  They remained in their comfort zone of a culture-less reality because that was “easy.”  So, I never thought I would be that person.  But then again I never take the easy route in anything I do.  I think you have to leave your comfort zone in order to take it to the next level, and really get the success you crave.  So well see.  I’ll keep you posted.

I just looked on Craiglist at the price of art studios and I have a feeling it might be easier to get an extra bedroom in the apartment than attempt that whole scene. But in order to be a real artist I should be able to suffer work in a cracker box studio apartment, right?


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