I am currently trying to make a list of affirmations.  I will then translate into some lovely cards to look at and celebrate on a daily basis, and I can remain positive and motivated.  Despite the fact that the past 6 months have been such an energy vampire (buying/selling/renovating a house) I have had such an awesome year.  In the middle of a recession I have still managed to still sell a good bit of art – not as much as I would like – but I am still able to reap the fruits of my labor.  Of course I need to work harder.  And now that I have finally moved and am (almost) settled in my new home, I am listing my affirmations (not aspirations) for all to see – so that I can remain (somewhat) accountable. (And yes, I realize some are not as succinct as they could be,  there are probably too many, and may sound redundant, but they are MINE.)      SCROLL DOWN

"In A Class All By Yourself" 36x36

– I am confident and only attract the people (and circumstances) that are positive, supportive, and ensure my success as an artist.

– My home and studio are serene, inviting, sanctuaries.  They are clean, organized, clutter-free, and contain things I only use and love.

– I care about my mental health and body.  I meditate, routinely exercise, as well as live healthfully, and habitually.

– Every day includes a new adventure. I embrace change and know it is essential to success.

– My income is constantly increasing and I am able to fulfill my needs of living.

– I deserve recognition and respect as an artist that is associated with hard work and professionalism.

– I travel to wonderful places which nurture my mind, body, art and soul.

– I spend money wisely.

– I create and live the life of my dreams in both my personal & professional life.

– Routine painting is vital to my life. I deserve quality creative time with focus and immersion.

– I am a powerful, gifted, hardworking, prolific painter.  I create soulful, one-of-a- kind work that I am proud of.

– I have become the artist I always dreamed I would be.

– I believe in my work and can promote myself confidently and sincerely.

– I connect with others in a way that is mutually enriching, inspirational, and engaging.  I am an interesting person of worth.

– I have earned the life of my dreams.



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5 responses to “Affirmations

  1. Great stuff! It’s going to be the best year ever!

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  3. I simply love, love, love your entire blog. It resonates with me on several different levels. I found you from a link to your blog on “Artsy Forager.” Thank you for sharing all that you do…and your artwork is gorgeous. I only wish I could view it in person. I have the distinct feeling that two-dimensional photographs do not even BEGIN to showcase its brilliance. Thank you so much for sharing ‘you.’

  4. Valerie Lucio

    Love, love, love!

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