Old Art

So I am sure you are tired of hearing about my move.  Obviously it was/is a big deal. I am still unpacking.

The day before the movers came, my ex-husband called me to tell me he was doing “a little redecorating” (my term) and ready to give me back some of my art he had been hanging in his home these past few years. I was pleased he called me before shipping off to the local thrift store, but it could not have occurred at a more inconvenient time. I actually threw some of it away.  I am sure that will make some of your cringe, but I am not one of those artists that thinks everything I create is golden, or sacred.  I don’t like having too many old pieces lingering around because for some reason I think it might keep me from moving forward. They collect dust; retain stagnate energy.  Which is also the reason why I don’t really like to do reproductions of my work. I just don’t like to live in the past.

There were a few paintings that did not have a name or signature on them, so on a whim I did decide to actually donate those to Goodwill.  Nobody would know they were mine.  Then I began to wonder – why was I always so afraid my art would end up at the Thrift Store, especially if I was the one who sent it there?  By sending something to be recycles, I am giving someone the opportunity to own a piece of original art they may have otherwise been unable to afford.

So the movers came.  I spent three days with these boys (moving, packing, going to storage, my studio and moving again).  They were a hoot, and did an excellent job.  So by the last day, I let them rummage through some of my things that I had previously set aside to sell:  A mattress set, a desk, office chair, lamps, mirrors, decorative accessories, and even some art.  One guy was so excited to be taking “a huge (30×40) painting home to his wife.” These guys had no idea who I was, or that any of that art was mine. They weren’t greedy either.  They only took the things (art)  that interested them.  I really enjoyed doing that. Knowing that they might have just hung their first and only piece(s) of art in their home. 

On this same note – my artist friend and studio neighbor, Wyanne, has been trying to conjure up her own good energy by having her own karma art give away these past few weeks,  Check out her Blog.

Do something nice and unexpected for someone. It makes the world go round!



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2 responses to “Old Art

  1. Thanks for mentioning my giveaway. That was really nice. Oh…and if you still have that office chair let me know…mine just broke. 🙂

  2. Casey Matthews

    You are welcome. You are so nice and generous. I wish I could be more like you – but alas I am stuck in bitter, jaded, isolation 🙂

    Sorry the desk chair is already gone – one of the mover boys claimed it in my swap meet.

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