New Law About Posting Prices on Art

I came across this interesting article today in the NY Times.  About Galleries posting prices/not posting prices.

They say if you have to ask, you probably can’t afford it.  But since I am in the business of selling art – I find it a little annoying (going into a gallery) to be surrounded by things that are for sale and the prices are not posted.  Why do some insist that art is intangible and only for the elite?  Or are you just too lazy to make proper name/price tags?  Or do you just not need the money?

Now I am not talking about museum quality work by Francis Bacon, Robert Rauschenberg, or Joan Mitchell…….we all know we can’t afford those.  I am talking about a regular ole gallery selling contemporary artwork.


By the was, when I was at the Armory Show this past weekend, I was standing there drooling over a de Kooning – when a man walked up and asked how much these two (de Kooning) paintings were, “$75,000, and $350,000”  He ended up purchasing the same $350,000 painting (on newsprint) I was drooling over. Aside from a house, I think that was the largest single item purchase I ever witnessed.


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