"It was Fun While it Lasted" (2009) 24x24x3

This is the year – this decade –

I am going to try things I have never tried, explore a new medium, to embrace change even if it seems hard or scary or even painful at first. To challenge myself, do all those things I have been putting off, and stand up for myself.  To love full-throttle.  To forgive others, and myself.  To express thanks and gratitude.  Just because I don’t take a compliment very well, or require validation does not mean others are like me – in fact most are not.  I intend to simplify and declutter my life ever further, and only allow special things, experiences,  and people in.  People who are positive, have value, and bring something to the table.  Quality not quantity. To go where the universe takes me…..

I am putting all this out there so that I will be accountable.

Most artists these days are multi-media and if you don’t get on that train it is leaving the station.  Like any career, you have to constantly keep up with the flow, reinvent yourself, learn new things, keep up with technology, and consistently push the envelope, challenge yourself – otherwise there are dozens more that are younger and hungrier to take you place in line.  It is a dog eat dog world (or as in my household we say “Doggie Dog World”, and I don’t want to fall down and get stepped on because I was too cozy, lazy, and complacent in my little vacuum by the beach.


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