A few months ago I was racking my brain trying to think of an artist who was famous for painting birds – specifically caged birds such as parrots, parakeets, cockatoos, etc.  I had an image, (or images) of his work ingrained in my head but could not seem to find him or an image or even pinpoint a decade.  Colorful rows of birds with cross hatching…..

My boyfriend wanted to get a bird and I don’t really like birds, let alone parrots – I have this thing with most animals except birds.  They don’t like me and bite me.  Anyway, I was frantically trying to researching all sorts of grass parakeets (beautiful parakeets from Australia, not the typical budgies you see at the pet store) so I would not get stuck with a parrot.  Upon learning about all the different types of birds and mutations – I am sure you can imagine I fell in love with all the beautiful color variations.

Luckily his obsession with getting a bird faded.  If you know anything about birds they are very high maintenance and make too much noise for my taste.  I told him if I wanted something that needy, noisy, and messy, that hated me (and bit me), would live to be 25-50 years old, and have little reward – I might as well have  a baby (gross). Or better yet, I would rather get another dog.

So – for a brief moment I was so inspired by all these bird images and was obsessed with finding out who this artist was.

Anyway, I finally found him:  Hunt Slonem

"Bayou Lories" by Hunt Slonem

"Awakening McCaws" by Hunt Slonem

More work HERE

Hunt has a 50,000 sq. ft. studio space with approximately 100 rooms.  Here is an article in the NY Times HERE.  And another blog/article HERE with amazing photos.

It makes me want to move to NYC and look him up and beg him to be his artist assistant.  I am going to NYC next month and I think I am going to go stalk him outside his studio.


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