Busy Busy Bee…..

As I am completing a bunch of commissions and deadlines this month, I enjoy reflecting:  Examining my work, realizing all the new techniques I have discovered (especially this year), and playing back the process of how they came to be.  How everything is a stepping stone, and a process of evolution.  How insignificant moments suddenly become clear.  And how all this transcends over into real life, and real people, relationships, situations.  Isn’t it amazing how a bunch of seemingly inconsequential instances suddenly align?  Even all the crap I have had to endure over the years – it all becomes clear.  Why certain people were placed in my life.  All the dues I have had to pay……

Aside from the fact that we are in a crap hole economy, I think I have finally become the artist I have always wanted to be.  I just need to work harder.  It is just amazing that I can make something meaningful and people are falling all over themselves to buy it. 



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