Surrounded by Greatness

Every weekend I go bike riding from my house to the local state park (Ft. Clinch).  I travel through the park under a canopy of oaks all the way to the beach, then continue my journey with a mile walk on the pier.  It is about an hour worth of exercise – round trip.

There are a few small hills on this journey, and depending on how my week has been, they can kick my ass at times.  My bike is almost 18 years old (and yes, I am about to get a new one – yea!) and the gears are not all that great – so I basically just keep the bike in one gear.

This last Sunday, unbeknownst to us there was a Mountain Bike race going on.  So while we were on our leisurely Sunday ride we soon found ourselves surrounded by all these awesome Mountain bikers. I was too busy trying to not appear like a wussy, and stepping up the pace that I did not even notice when those killer hills came and went.

I guess that is what happens when you surround yourself with the big dogs – you don’t have time to focus on the trivial hurdles in life.

I am loving the fact that I am so busy right now.  I am tired and in dire need of a nap, a pedicure, and a massage, but I am busy working and welcoming new opportunities.  I think people are starting to buy art again.


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