The Power of the Picture

So I was in the grocery store the other day.  Thanks to Nan, I had a hankering for some pimento cheese but did not want to go through the trouble of making it.  I usually reach for Publix Cheddar Jack Cheese Spread – but this trip I noticed something new: Palmetto Cheese:  The Pimento Cheese with Soul.  The label sort of looks small-town-homemade and it features a half-screen photo of this lady (excuse the small photo – it is all I could find on the website)

Vertrella Brown of Pawleys Island, SC

Now, pimento cheese is one of those things where “homemade” is much better – and the photo of this lady screams home cookin’ if nothing else.  I immediately grabbed this brand in lieu of my usual go-to.  However, my boyfriend thinks otherwise.  Not that he even eats pimento cheese (he is a Yankee), let alone a connoisseur like myself, but every time he opened the refrigerator he commented on how unflattering this photo was (he was not quite as nice) and would never purchase a product that she made or endorsed.  I on the other hand, I  looked at that label/photo and all  I saw was good eatin’.  I would gladly would ingest anything she fed me.  She has skimped on the usual beauty products because she has been busy feeding everyone her whole life.  She is serious about meaningful food.

** My boyfriend would like me to clarify that he is not a racist, but instead shallow and  does not care for ugly people or Southern Food.



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2 responses to “The Power of the Picture

  1. So was it good tasting or bad?

    My husband is the same way… he buys just about anything that is in Fancy packaging, but unfortunately the food in Fancy packaging isn’t usually that great.

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