Moving, Patience, Cleaning…..

I am moving.  Not far – about two miles down the street, and closer to the beach (150 yards instead of 1/2 a mile) but moving none the less.  We found a cool little beach house that is about half the size of our current house and half the price – it just landed in our lap so it felt right – even if that means seriously downsizing and selling our house in a recession.

We probably won’t list our current house for a few weeks or months so I will have plenty of time at the new house to paint, remodel, get new floors, and shop for new appliances and lighting.  And some minor touch up work at our current house.

So once again I am sorting through all my belongings, cleaning, and organizing. This cleansing process is a little scary but very energizing in the end (or so I am told.)  I was getting to the point where I had so much crap, and looking around my home I felt like nothing was special anymore.  And I don’t want to be like that.  I got divorced about three years ago and thought I got rid of 2/3 of my belongings then.  I already thought Barnabas (the local Goodwill) had everything I owned – but now they are about to get more!  It will really be a challenge balancing all this work at home plus my art – as I have quite a few fall deadlines approaching.

At this point I am the queen of organizing.  Even my laundry room is even clean and perfectly organized.  Every cabinet, door, and closet in my home have specialty organizing shelves, bins, and racks.  Whomever moves in is going to think I am neurotic.  And now I am going to move somewhere else and do it all over again.  (I wish we had a Container Store here.)  But no matter how hard I try to stay organized – my office/studio is still a wreck and every time I move I still seem to drag around these one or two (or three) boxes full of loose crap, (papers, photos, lone earrings, etc) that I refer to as my “I have no idea what to do with items – but I can’t throw away” boxes.

It is a daunting process. There is nothing I love more than to redecorate – but  I had a minor freak out last weekend.  I was going through the garage and closets wondering what I am going to do with everything and rediscovering all the things I had been meaning to do and had not, and had no idea when I would ever in the future.  Like when am I ever going to make that mosaic table I have been saving interesting pieces of broken pottery, glass, and china for the past  decade?  When am I ever going to make time to sew?  Should I throw the whole sewing machine out or just all the interesting vintage fabric/linens I have collected over the years?  What about all the handbags I was planning on making – and spent time thrifting/collected interesting handles for?  What about all my jewelry supplies then are collecting dust? I was focusing on all the things I had always wanted to do but still had not made time for – and I felt like a failure.  It seems that this recession has taken its toll in so many areas in my life I had not recognized.  I don’t have time (or allow myself any time) to pursue any hobbies.  If I am not creating, painting I am not on the path to selling my work and making money – or an attempt at making money.  I guess I have been afraid to do things that are not lucrative – because I never know where my next paycheck is coming from these days.  I don’t really even take time to read much anymore.  And that is not good – because everyone has to switch gears every once in a while to keep grounded.  And lately it seems that my down time has been spent dicking around on the computer or losing brain cells watching bad TV.  I have been very good at collecting dust, (both figuratively and literally) and it becomes depressing when I am reminded of my failures and inadequacies.  I prefer to keep those in a closet with all my other skeletons.  Don’t you?

So I had a minor melt down, popped a Xanax (my reality check) and took about an hour or two to collect myself, only to realize that I was just acting a fool.  Thankfully I don’t get like that very often.

Last Monday we got a 10×10 storage unit and began moving a bunch of seasonal items over:  Christmas, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Easter Decorations, space heaters, winter clothes, golf clubs,  jeep accessories, luggage, guitar cases, extra canvas/art supplies, 1st Edition books, etc.  I worked my ass off this week moving all this stuff, disassembling, and then reassembling industrial shelving units from my garage and home studio/office.  Assembled two wardrobe racks, etc.  So I feel much better.  Getting all that stuff out of the way so I can see more clearly and finally get to the sorting /purging process.  I am not sure why I did not do it sooner.  It feels good now.

So if you want to own an awesome 4 bedroom, 4 bathroom, 3500 sq foot home 1/2 mile from the beach, that sits on Egan’s Creek (the local nature preserve) where I can see bobcats, otters, alligators, and every bird imaginable right from the comfort of your sofa – let me know and I can hook you up.

Living Room with picture window overlooking Egans Creek

Living Room with picture window overlooking Egans Creek

Stella is not included with the house

Stella is not included with the house

We are leaving suburban neighborhood life to be beach bums on the sketchy funky north end of the island, and wear flip flops year round.  And if I trade in my pearls for pooka beads, don’t freak out.  I am not on drugs.

I certainly don’t have a million dollars with of art, or anything interesting for that matter, but HERE is a prime example of what good can come from a little patience and cleaning.

SF Velázquez


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