Gallery Obituary

After as certain age, one begins to scan the daily obituaries to see if you know anyone.

This morning I got this newsletter today about a big name local/regional gallery closing. Times are tough for artists.  It takes consistant hardwork and patience – and since that does not pay the bills, it is a bit daunting.  It is hard to remain motivated when the light at the end of the tunnel is nowhere in sight.

Gallery Obituary:
After 25 years Stellers Gallery San Marco will be closing its retail doors but will remain a benchmark gallery in Northeast Florida. For those of you who know Scott Riley, founder of Stellers Gallery, you probably know that his passion and dedication for selling art can’t just stop here. He is eager to continue representing his brother C. Ford Riley and marketing him as well as other artists regionally.



That being said:  It can be done: Another local gallery has a regional hospital project looking for hundreds of paintings/pieces of art.  And I have had a fairly good August.  Plus I am exploring venues I might have never touched 3 years ago.  And I will be the first one to tell you it is nice to have a few sales in times like these does wonders for the creative spirit.  I am so amazingly motivated right now!  Perhaps things are picking up? People are looking down new avenues and changing with the times.  Doing things they might never have done until they were forced to become more resourceful.  I read this article in the NY Times last week about a decorator I have worked with in Atlanta.  It is nice to see a forward thinking Southerner!  As you probably know the South is notorious for being very conservative and not embracing change – even so, they do not really have that choice anymore.  Artists have to be creative thinkers as well as visually creative.

Like we say in our house, “It is a Doggie Doggie World!”

Mush on!


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