A good kind of Nakedness

The digital edition is out!  I have a painting in Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles! ( August Issue, Page 24.)  My art will be featured at Gregg Irby Fine Art (in Atlanta) thru August.

Between this and MOCA – my studio/gallery is naked right now.  Nothing like a fresh start and some bare walls to fill up –  to jump start the creativity!


An artist from Massachusetts once came down here (to the South) for a month or two to vacation.  I don’t think she had a high opinion of the South in general, and chuckled as she commented on the use of the word “Nekkid”.  She thought is was so funny how Southerners (mis)pronounced the word “Naked.”

I simply replied “that they were actually two different words:

Naked: Means you are unclothed

Nekkid: Means you are not wearing any clothes and you are up to something!”


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