New Sign


Most of you won’t realize how important this means to me, but after 4 years of being a Blue Door Artist, and 7 years of having a studio – I/we finally got our hanging sign today!  We have a unique situation where our “organization” really isn’t an organization – but just a name for the space that houses 8 independently owned and operated art studios/galleries.  We are not really recognized by the state of Florida, so we(I) basically had to jump through hoops for the city, and meet all kinds of codes a permits, figure out where our business fell into permit land, – or just wait until the person who rejected our application in the first place resigns or died (It happens a lot in Florida). Also toss in an argument with a sign maker that threatened to report me if I went elsewhere to have a sign made, that he was the only licensed sign maker on the island…..whatever.  Anyway, there is a fairly new outfit in the area so I went to them, and they handled all my permits and licenses, etc.  And now it is up!  Yea!  They rock!





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