Blue + Pink

I have the opportunity meet some of the most interesting people that visit my gallery.  Some are so enthusiastic about art and life in general it is a breath of fresh air.  Today there was a boy who could not have been older than eight or so – tell me my work was “absolutely magnificent!”

Normally I just shrug off comments like that (For some reason I don’t take compliments very well) If he only knew the mood I have been in lately and how down on myself I’ve become; I have been struggling in so many aspects of my life lately.  Even right now I have a migraine coming on.  Anyway, It was a wonderful thing to hear, especially today.  I just wish 8 year-olds had money.



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2 responses to “Blue + Pink

  1. Kris


    Your new work is amazing! The longer I look at your work, the more emotional I get. Don’t know why, I just do ::sniff::

    Keep up the fantastic work – you are so unique and wonderfully talented.


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