OK there is no surprise that I cannot spell. And the fact that I have had a computer and had spell check governing my every move since 1988 /1989 of course I will never get any better (a yucky crutch).  I can’t remember if I learned to read phonetically and that is why I can’t spell – or I did NOT learn to read phonetically and that is why I can’t spell – either way – I suck at spelling.  But my gripe is – my email program, browser, and blog program (wordpress)  let knowingly misspelled words slip out almost 90% of the time – making me look like a complete dumb ass. Even if I try and spell check it states that my specific browser catches misspelled words, and I don’t need to be concerned …..WTF Ever – LIE!.  And if I am going to be  regarded as a dumb-ass I would rather it be for lacking knowledge in a particular area – or using a word incorrectly, or pronouncing a word incorrectly  (which I have been known to do on occasion).  Anyway it takes added time and proofing to send an art related/professional email – and even so, I am not guaranteed things will be spelled correctly. How embarrassing is that?  Everybody wants the people they buy art from  to be Bohemian, ultra intelligent,  arrogant, Liberal tree huggers  – and how can I even compete if I can’t even spell?

Sorry people for all the misspelled words – past, present and future…..I will confirm it.  I am a lazy dumb-ass who can’t spell, but I am not bohemian, arrogant, or hugging trees.  However, I do recycle – does that count?



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2 responses to “Gripe

  1. sugarbaker

    that is hilarious…i will keep it for your 40th birthday… funny and cute! goodnight, sugarbaker

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