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Lucid Dream

Lucid Dream

I guess I better clean up my language and adjust my attitude now that I know and 8 year old is reading my blog! JK


I have really been behind because I have had a bunch of company these past months.  Nice but exhausting.  I am really dying to immerse myself in the studio and just paint!  I still need to finish some commission work, mail out some work, finish regular work, and photograph all of that before it leaves the studio.  I need to get some gallery packets together.

I just got finished uploading a bunch of new images to my website.  Now I need to go thought the whole website and clean it up a bit and scrap/organize a bunch of old stuff on there.  I really never even finished creating it to begin with – as far as “archives” go.  It is kind of a hodgepodge.  I was overwhelmed so I momentarily quit……..

And I am not quite sure what would happen if my computer died at this moment.  I was going through old folders of images – I think I have thousands of images dating from 2005-2009 on there.  Yes I probably need to update my computer at some point but it runs like a champ and is not the least bit slow dispite the fact that is has thousands of MP3’s and thousands of images and photos on it.  And have not backed up (what is that?) I guess 2005  is really when I began to bunker down and crank out the art.  Or that is at least when I got the computer.


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