The art (and teamwork) of a performance

Cirque du Soleils Saltimbanco

Cirque du Soleil's "Saltimbanco"

I saw Wicked two weekends ago (wonderful!.)  and this past Sunday I saw Cirque du Soleil’s Satimbanco.  Aside from them both being visually stunning performances  (ie colors, costumes, lighting, etc) it really got me thinking about all the components involved in a production like that.  A lot of people take for granted all the people you support when you purchase a “ticket”.  Aside from the obvious actors/performers, there is the LIVE music being performed, a conductor, the stage hands, make up artists, set design, special effects, directors, understudies, advertising/publicity, etc……it just amazing how many things are involved in this “art”.  Music is the same way.  Mid June I am attending the final Amelia Island Chamber Music Gala at the Ritz Carlton:  A Night at the Opera:  No Music, with the Erotica Trio. I can’t wait!


So my point is there is a lot of team work involved in performance art – And I am sure there are just as many egos to contend with as there are in the visual art scene.  Except they manage to put it aside and channel all their energy into the final product.  One false move, a miscommunication, and it can be a major upset.  And their audience is the mainstream – so I am sure don’t act like such snobish elitists.  Sometimes I wish (visual) artists were not such isolated creatures and could support each other, communicate, and get along like proper individuals in order for the greater good.


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