Saved from a Garage Sale

For your enjoyment amusement:

age 8

"Minit & Mite" (circa 1979) oil on canvas panel

One of my Mothers favorite things in the world is to sell stuff (she is a Realtor) – but specifically host a garage sale.  As a child she would occasionally ask me to sit there and watch the garage while she needed to use the restroom, or go into the house for something.  Those few horrific minutes mentally seemed to turn into hours – until she came back.  Something about people pilfering through my/our used belongings and us/her having the audacity to ask money for these worn, even non-working items completely baffled me.  Later in life it was hard to shake this “uneasiness” as a person trying to sell her wares for a living.

You see – There is a fine art to being both an artist and a business person:  Actually selling and marketing your art – not just paying a gallery or rep to do it for you. Oh boy, I have had some sales people in my life that have made my skin crawl – so my first reaction is to NOT be like them. The whole marketing process was initially crippling – until I had to pay someone one to give me advice – and permission to sell my art and be successful.  Go figure?  Basically, I learned that if you are an authentic person to begin with, and are truly passionate about what you do and are proud of the product you create – then you will not come off as insincere, contrived, and “salesman” like – like the sales people that use to disgust me – and I was so afraid of turning into.

So Because I have such an aversion to the garage sale – One of my largest fears is that my work would wind up in one – or even thrift store. I think I would rather dispose of something myself rather than it wind up at that level of nothingness.  Mother would have sold this painting in her last garage sale if I had not begged her to just give it  to my Dad (along with several other early art class paintings) or throw it away.  And since my Mother NEVER throws anything away she kindly brought it all the way from Texas to me in Florida so I could donate it to our local dump myself.  But only after I scanned it for your amusement. There was even a price tag of $1 on the back!

Anyway.  I thought you would get a kick out of seeing this painting of my two cats/kittens – Minit & Mite – I did when I was approximately 8 years old.  I was in my phase where I was obsessed with baby animals.  These are supposed to resemble  our cats – portrayed as kittens.  Do you like how I carefully depict the fluffiness of the feline?  I know you must be impressed that I was this talented at such an early age?



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3 responses to “Saved from a Garage Sale

  1. Sold! Logan loves it! Plus it has that 70’s eye thing going on that I seem to like so much!

  2. wow! That is very impressive! How can you do that at my age?! I really love cats and dogs. They look as if they might be real!


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