Red Dot

The Elephant in the Room (SOLD) - NYU Gallery - Greenwich Village, NYC

The Elephant in the Room (SOLD) - NYU Gallery - Greenwich Village, NYC

Everyone likes a red dot!  I got to see my work in NYC and to my surprise, I had a sale!  It had sold that very day.  Sweet. The Small Works Show ended last Friday so I had to hurry and get to NYC before it was over. I took some photos but then got yelled at by someone that worked there so I probably should not post them.  But you can see a few images here. Now that I was able to actually see the show (I could not attend last year) I had a better understanding of what all the hoopla was all about.  I do not have a copy of the catalog but I (my boyfriend) would estimate that there were approximately 200 pieces in the whole show.  Defiantly under 300.  But then again I am not good when it comes to numbers.  I think I remember reading somewhere that 10,000 people from all over the world apply to this (I could be wrong – that sounds like  a lot.) Unfortunately there were less than 10% sold this year – which was not surprising considering the economy. I went and toured many galleries in Chelsea on Friday and I have to say, the Small Works Show was among the top quality on my list.

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