Bad News – Good News

This weekend is Gasparilla, one of the top art festivals in the country – and out of 1200+ applicants I was accepted. But now I can’t go. I had to cancel 😦  I sprained/strained a ligament in my knee and standing for long periods of time, walking too much,  and stairs are difficult.  Bending is out of the question.  I was wearing a brace for two days but had to take a break from that. So I have just been trying to stay off it – which I am actually not doing a good job of (I played hookie from work and went to the Dog Park today)

So I am kind of down about that.

The good news, I am getting ready to go to NYC, and go see the show I am in before it closes next weekend.  I am excited about that. So I am going to try and stay off my leg as much as possible the next few days.  I can try and do some smaller sitting type work. I have some shopping (window shopping) and gallery hopping to do so I have to be in tip top shape!



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2 responses to “Bad News – Good News

  1. Kris

    I was visiting Fernandina last Sat thru Tues (charming!) and happened across the Blue Door Artists staircase. When I reached the end of the long hallway, I turned into your room, having been intrigued by your orange series on the hall wall. There I found myself staring with my mouth hanging open. Fortunately no one else was there. I also just missed you according to the woman up front. Anyway, I was so taken with your art that I was near tears – seriously. I stayed in your room for at least 15 minutes… I especially loved your little series on the wall behind the door (but knew that there was no way anything would make it safely back to Philadelphia with me on the plane). The other problem I had was trying to figure out how many I could afford since they look especially wonderful in a group. I primarily work with alternative photography (Polaroid Image Transfers), and my new love is mastering the clay monoprint process — having befriended the inventor of it, dear old Mitch Lyons. But I’m particularly drawn to mixed media and your art absolutely mesmerizes me. Please don’t ever “quit being an artist” (you know that’s impossible anyway) because you inspire me. I’m so happy to have discovered you… (And I’m saving up for some pieces!!)

    Kris L.

    • Casey Matthews

      Sorry I missed you – I had a friend in town for the day that I had not seen in 10+ years. So I took off Saturday.
      Thank you for your kind words. Whenever you are ready to purchase something I can gladly give you a bulk purchase price (3 or more).

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