The Vicious Cycle

Part of being an artist is the resume or Curriculum Vitae (CV.)  It is a vicious cycle:  You have to have a resume with some decent (and legit) stuff on it in order to be taken seriously; get a leg up when it comes to grants, juried shows, gallery representation, etc. But it is hard to get those decent shows or publications and galleries with a sparse or non existent resume in the first place.  Being an artist is a long patient (persistent) process. You have to do a bunch of stuff that might be an honor and high profile but not exactly  lucrative. That can be a challenge for a working artist – especially having you work tied up somewhere (like a bank or Museum) when it needs to actually be selling somewhere in a gallery.

Every once in a while I run into some cocky artist that paints 10 paintings and then they think they can sit on their ass and wait to be “discovered” (whatever that means.)  Sometimes you have to work on creating a decent (cohesive) body of work for over a year (or more) before you can even think about approaching a high quality gallery – or taken seriously by a Museum. Being a good artist also means being a good business person.  You could be the best artist in the world, but if nobody knows who you are – then – sorry, you don’t count.  This is a struggle  many artists constantly deal with.  I know a handful of artists who don’t even have a website or know how to use a digital camera.  And I am sorry if you are under the age of 60 – you are not that old to be technically challenged – you need to figure out how to market yourself.

Anyway.  I have been trying to buff up my resume for the past few years. I have had only a one man show, a few Museum shows and been published a few times – just to name a few.  It was nice, to drop of the janky Third place schimm smamm juried exhibition that was shown in an artsy restaurant, the year after college.

Well, I have some exciting news:  I have been accepted into another Museum show:  The Cummer Museum Invitational and Artist Exhibition. April 15th – May 31st. I am very excited! It is nice to be recognized locally/regionally in such a prestige setting. I have worked hard (and been VERY patient) to get here.


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