Beautiful Gift & a Wonderful Visit

“Art is both love and friendship and understanding, the desire to give. It is not charity, which is the giving of things, it is more than kindness, which is the giving of the self. It is both the taking and giving of beauty, the turning out to the light the inner folds of the awareness of the spirit. It is the recreation of another plane of the realities of the world, the tragic and wonderful realities of earth and man, and all the interrelations of these.”

Written by Ansel Adams in a letter to his best friend, Cedric Wright in 1937.


This past weekend I got to visit with one of my really good friends from High School.  She was on her way to Disney and stopped off for a brief visit:  The beach, and have a quick lunch.  It was sooooo nice.  Amazing how you can just pick up where you left off with some people.

The whole reason I am bringing this up is because this is the first time she was seeing any of my art.  She said she always knew I was “artsy” and going to have a creative career.  And it was so wonderful that I was pursuing my dream.  I found that interesting.  When I was in high school I never even took an art class. (I took private lessons from when I was 5 until age 14.)  I was too busy thinking that I needed to take “smart electives” (AP electives) to buff up my resume – like Biology II, Anatomy, Calculus (yuck), and International Affairs (gross). I could be wrong, but I never remember sharing any drawings or even talking about my work with my friends.  I don’t ever remember exuding any artsy behavior.  I never knew what I wanted to study in college, but I always knew I wanted to be an artist.  I guess I just thought it would be a hobby, and I did not need to fool with it during highschool. Anyway,  I got a kick out of hearing all that from her.  I guess she really knows me, and I have not really seen her in over a decade.  The reason I even bring it up is because I recently reconnected with several people I went to college with, and they were completely surprised to learn that I was an artist, despite the fact that I was an Art Major for what seemed like 7 years. I thought that was odd.   Perhaps those people were a tad bit self absorbed back then to notice anything I was doing? Go figure.

It was just nice to be around someone that knows me. It seems that those people are becoming a rarity in my old bitter existence.

I love you Heather!


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